Q: What types of wood and materials are used in the creation of your furniture?

A: Among others woods, we predominantly use teak, zebra, swuaree, and mahogany. As for metals and other materials, we feature: copper, aluminum, iron, steel, and high-grade resin. Each material is carefully inspected before being chosen. 

Q: Can I customize furniture to suit a home or commercial project?

A: We offer an extensive amount of woods and metals in a variety of washes and stains. It is our pleasure to offer you custom furniture designs whenever it is feasible.

Most of our products can be altered in size, make, and color; for any accommodations needed for larger projects, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We will do our best to produce an order that suits your projects.


Q: Can some of your indoor furniture also be used outside or will it get damaged?

A: With so many different pieces in our catalogue, each must be cared for in a specific way. Many of our indoor wood furniture and art is meant to withstand weathering of all kinds. If not, there are many treatments that may be adhered to the pieces to preserve their condition.

For more precise answers and requests regarding indoor and outdoor furniture, please contact us directly. We pride ourselves on offering versatile products meant for all different types of terrain. 


Q: Do you provide design services?

A: EDI gladly offers interior and outdoor design services. We understand the struggle of creating a cohesive space that still incorporates various unique styles in a timely manner. We are happy to ease the burden and work closely with you to create a vibrant space.